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In this day and age, we have a digital identity that’s like your calling card. Business cards are out, headshots are in. It puts a face with a name and anybody that is entrepreneurial needs a headshot, even if it’s just going to sit on LinkedIn. These days, profiles without headshots look ridiculous.  

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Your Face – Your Real Estate

You only have to spend a few minutes looking through LinkedIn to see how much of a difference a professional headshot can make. We live in a fast paced visual era and your headshot is your first impression and selfies just don’t cut it.

Ipswich Headshots - Damian Roche Paramedic Barber

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, different platforms have different audiences and therefore require different headshots. You know that photo of you drinking wine on the beach on the Sunshine Coast? As good as you look in it, is not going to land you your dream job. 

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People buy from People

They’re looking for you, clean and simple. Most people are looking at your profile want to see you you clean and simple too. I photograph my clients on a clean background so that they stand out from the noise. I also coach my clients to ensure that they convey confidence and approachability.

What you get with me

Standard headshot sessions are available in my Ipswich studio and last up to an hour and a half. I generally shoot a handful of different looks for my clients allowing a great variety of images for your personal branding purposes. 

Part of the process is to discuss the pictures and edit the session with you as we go. We will review each shot one by one to determine it’s viability in representing your personal brand. By shooting and editing in this manner we can adjust the direction of the photographs as we go to account for anything we feel we may have missed along the way. You’ll leave knowing exactly what we’ve captured and will walk away with only the images that have met your approval.

Ipswich Actors Photography - Mackenzie Norriss

I believe that everyone can look incredible given the proper coaching, even those who don’t like having their photo taken and it’s my job to show you how.

If you’d like to read more about how to prepare for your headshots, I’ve written a comprehensive guide here


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