The Price Guide


I limit my bookings to a maximum of two sessions per day.

I do this to ensure that we have all the time we need for our shoot. I also know that you’re busy and I’m not going to keep you any longer than you need to be, but we also don’t need to rush your photography session because somebody else is booked in straight after you. I want you to get the attention you deserve and need in order to get photographs that best suit your needs. Lighting, posing and composition are all important parts of a photograph; but the part that takes time (and is the most important ingredient) is the expression. It’s much more important to me to produce quality work that is valuable to you and that I can be proud of, than it is to cram as many clients through the door as possible.

Quality over quantity, every time.

The last thing I want is for you to leave your photography session with a headshot or portrait that isn’t what you wanted because we’ve only got 2 minutes left and we’re not where we need to be yet. It takes time to get the right expressions, and that’s because not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera at first.  I understand that. I believe that everyone can look incredible given the proper coaching, even those who don’t like having their photo taken.

Nine times out of ten, the desired expression is confidence mixed with connection and approachability. We might get there quickly or not – either way, it’s fine because we’re not clock watching. We will have plenty of time for all of your outfit changes and looks too.

I’ll coach you throughout the session on everything you need to know. Expression, angles, positioning, hair, all of those details which you don’t need to worry about. The aim of the session is to create amazing photographs and I’ll spend as little or as long as is needed in order to get them. I love bringing the best out in people, so I’m in no rush to finish our shoot.

As well as confidence and approachability in your photography, you need to look relaxed and connected – like you’re trustworthy and in control of your situation. If you don’t look like that, then your headshot could be doing you more harm than good. Fundamentally, it’s about the subconscious – the first impression people subconsciously feel when they see our headshot.  We create a perfect mix of confidence, connection and approachability by having fun during the session.

Once or twice throughout the session, we’ll stop and look at some images we’ve taken, so you can see the shots we’re creating and make any corrections necessary. It’s a fun, relaxed atmosphere that lends well to getting the expressions you need from your headshots.

At the end of the session, we’ll sit down, grab a coffee and review all of the images we created. From there, you’ll pick your favorite photographs to be professionally edited and retouched. I’ll give as much or as little input as you like on what the best shots are, it’s sometimes nice to have an opinion other than our own in what we look like. As well as the high resolution JPEGs, I’ll also make sure you receive the same shots that are custom size and crops for social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. That’ll save you the trouble of re-sizing and cropping the shots after you receive them.


The studio based headshot session fee is a flat $300.

This Includes;

  • No Time Limit On Your Session
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • Shoot Preparation Package Before Your Session (inc. Coaching Videos, Styling & Wardrobe Suggestions, Hair & Makeup Suggestions, & More)
  • One on One Post Session Advice For Image Selection
  • and so much more.

At the end of the session, we’ll sit down together, grab a coffee and go through the images. Your final images are chosen individually at the end of the session. This puts you in complete control of the final cost depending on how many images you require. (Starting at $75 per image inc. professional retouching)

I don’t want you to pay for more than you need, and every person has different needs, not packaging images together makes sure you’re not over committing or under committing in terms of how many images you require from the session. You can simply decide on the day.

I honestly don’t believe you’ll find a better headshot photographer in Ipswich. I’m completely committed to making sure your headshot is the very highest quality, is working for you and representing you in the way you need it to, when you’re not there in person. A large amount of my business is based on referrals. My aim is for you to leave the shoot and tell your friends all about your new headshots and what a great experience it was.

Location Shoots are also available to individuals. Travel Fees start at $100.



These sessions are designed for groups of people that need a consistent look and feel for their brand. I spend much of my time bringing my studio to my clientele’s office and shooting over the course of the day there. However, many have an ongoing relationship with me and we are able to have their team members drop by my Ipswich studio at their convenience.

I am happy to discuss logistics and create a custom quote to fulfill your needs. The group rates begin at $50 per person. There is a $500 setup/equipment fee for me to pack up my kit and head to your location. Please inquire by filling out my contact form or calling the studio at 0466 992 134.


Stunning imagery that accurately communicates your company’s personality and value is critical. On average. potential customers will spend no more than six or seven seconds on your website while browsing, unless there is something to hold their attention. Strong visual content is one of the key elements that can convert a casual browser into an interested viewer and a potential customer. Brochures, flyers, and posters also require the same level of imagery to capture the viewers attention, making them stop and take time to find out more about your company.

This is done by presenting a product or lifestyle in a way that creates the desire for further interaction with your company. That’s where I come in… working with you and your team to create exactly those images and exactly the right look and feel for your brand. Similarly, the correct images for your PR campaigns can turn a small story into a page grabber. I work with you to create impactful images that both satisfy the needs of the media while still communicating your core brand values and story.


Every job is different which is why I quote each job on its own merits. I take into account the time required on site as well as post production time, the team required to get the job done and the equipment required. As a guide my fee is $1000 per half day (4 hours) and $1800 per day (8 hours) on most standard commercial shoots and this includes requested images, all basic processing and standard equipment. The fee covers the cost of staff time, experience and equipment in taking the images you require.

The best shots happen in a fleeting moment and you need a photographer with the skills and knowledge to react to the unforeseen and deliver despite often challenging lighting conditions.


Educational Photography - Waschevski Commercial


Schools have an essence – a blend of history, energy and community connection. It’s what makes them stand out from the crowd. That essence can be hard to put into words. It’s harder to capture in an image. 


Every job is different which is why I quote each job on its own merits. I take into account the time required on site as well as post production time, the team required to get the job done and the equipment required. As a guide my fee is $1000 per half day (4 hours) and $1800 per day (8 hours) on most standard commercial shoots and this includes requested images, all basic processing and standard equipment. The fee covers the cost of my time, experience and equipment in taking the images you require. Additional photographers may be required. Please contact me for a quote. 


Striving to create unique photographs for my clients that will represent your own personal brand is driving force behind the Waschevski Studio.