Ipswich Business Portraits - Paramedic Barber

The day Damian came to my studio, I knew we’d be creating something very different. He is a character and a half! Damian is the first adult I’ve ever met that said “YES! I LOVE having my photo taken!”

Spend a little time with him and you can not only see why he’s such a popular chap, but why he’s a true artisan – a gentleman of his trade. #ClassicCutNoShit is the war cry of his instagram feed for Paramedic Barber and his work is stunning. He is also the founder of Barber Aid – providing free haircuts to the homeless and those who are vulnerable.

You can connect with Damian via his website here or any of his social media channels. If you’re looking to treat your husband (or yourself fellas!), seriously check him out – you’ll love it!

You business portrait needs to tell a story.  Are you a CEO being featured in magazines or a professional being featured in journals? Are you an executive trying to build your client portfolio?  Are you trying to leverage business from your social media profiles? Whatever your needs, your headshot should be selling you when you’re not there to sell yourself.

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