Waschevski is in it’s first year, and man I love this stage. Everything is new and the story of your business is unfolding around you. The picture is beginning to take shape.

While this isn’t my first rodeo, I certainly don’t profess to be a business expert. I started Salt Mama Studio four years ago and I love the direction I’ve steered that business towards. It’s almost in complete juxtaposition to the course of Waschevski. I really dig that. The brand of Salt Mama has strong foundations and ‘she’ continues to steadily grow. I hope to help Waschevski do the same thing while remaining true to it’s brand.

As a small business owner, one thing I’ve come to learn is that branding isn’t just the pictures you share or the colour scheme of your website. It’s you, the people that work for you and the things you stand for. “A good brand communicates a clear message about what it stands for and how it differs from competitors. It stems from your product positioning and customers understand and internalize the brand through its consistent use. Each touch point within your customers’ experience should seek to reinforce this same message.” Sourced from Solid Giant

Ipswich Business Portraits - Wealthier You

I’m looking forward to growing this brand and sharing what makes a photographic experience with me different to anything you’ve experienced before. It’s irreverent fun and a little left of centre, but the results are amazing and you’ll never look at a photograph quite the same way. If you’d like to follow along, there are a few ways to connect. LinkedIn and Instagram are an easy choice, and there’s always the option of signing up for my monthly newsletter.

What are your go to’s when it comes to branding? Do you look outwards towards your competitors or inwards to your own values? I’m keen to hear. Comment below.

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A new name in Corporate Headshots & Professional Portraits; Waschevski offers a professional, valuable & fun experience for Actor’s Headshots, Corporate Headshots, Executive and Business Portraits.

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