Meet Mackenzie.

“Now in his senior year at school, Mackenzie is able to reflect upon his previous performances and appreciate all aspects of performing on and off stage.  The eldest of three boys Mackenzie is often thought of as a ‘big brother’ to many of the younger performers casts. 

He can frequently be found helping his peers rehearse their lines for a musical or play;  offering  subtle characterisation advice or drawing upon his previous Eisteddfod experiences to help calm and distract his fellow performers,  who might experience some nerves before and during performances.  He  is also involved with contemporary jazz and musical theatre dance classes.

Mackenzie loves all things performance; both on and off stage, as well as in front of the camera.  He loves to fully inhabit a character on stage as well as learning lighting and stage management and script editing tricks; he has even tried his hand at directing with success.

Represented by Extra Edge Talent, he is looking to build upon his experience with the feature film ‘Dora The Explorer’ due for release in mid-2019.  In the meantime he will keep doing what he does best, making the most out of every opportunity and delighting his friends and family with his vocal impersonations.”

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