Ipswich Photographer, Amanda Waschevski operates the premier professional portrait and headshot studio in Ipswich, QLD. She is known for the connected & confident expressions she captures.

You can have ordinary or you can have a Waschevski.

It’s my job to teach you how to act when you’re looking down the long barrel of a lens and I believe that everyone can look incredible given the proper coaching, even those who don’t like having their photo taken. And you….well, you’re no exception – I can’t wait to prove it!

With more businesses marketing their services online, you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. A professional headshot is valuable and depicts the significance of those who make up your company. When potential customers look at your business, they want to see the people they will be doing business with – they want to get to know YOU and the best way for them to do that is to show them amazing photos of you and your team members.

I can help with that. Get in Touch.

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