At the heart of your brand is YOU.

Who are you? With more professionals marketing themselves and their services online, you need to discover effective ways for you to genuinely connect to your audience. Whether you’re an actor looking for that callback or a creative small business owner who loves what they do, investing in a professional photographer who can help you to be you in front of a camera is an effective point of difference between you and the competition.

Ipswich Actors Photography


  • No Time Limit On Your Session
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • Shoot Preparation Package Before Your Session
  • One on One Post Session Advice For Image Selection
  • Professionally Retouched Photographs


I limit my bookings to a maximum of two sessions per day. I do this to ensure that we have all the time we need for our shoot. I also know that you’re busy and I’m not going to keep you any longer than you need to be, but we don’t need to rush your photography session because somebody else is booked in straight after you.

Stop worrying, stop putting it off and schedule your session time.

Ipswich Photographer, Amanda Waschevski operates the premier portrait and headshot studio in Ipswich, QLD. She is known for the connected & confident expressions she captures.

About the Photographer

Amanda Waschevski

Hi there. My name is Amanda Waschevski and I want to help you be you in front of a camera. I believe that everyone can look incredible given the proper coaching, even those who don’t like having their photo taken.

My patience, flexibility and commitment to excellence enable me to bring to life an individual using stunning lighting and a well-known ability to relax my subject in front of my camera.

The Art is in the Detail.

Important things for you to know…

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